Inflammation silencieuse (Silent Inflamation)

« La plupart des travaux scientifiques ont porté sur la curcumine en tant qu’anti-inflammatoire. « Inflammation silencieuse » est un nouveau terme. Vous êtes à peine capable de remarquer les signes. Courir légèrement chaud. Surchauffe chronique des organes vitaux provoquant un vieillissement accéléré. »


Most scientific work focused on curcumin as an anti-inflammatory. “Silent inflammation” is a new term. You are barely able to notice the signs. Running slightly hot. Chronically overheating of vital organs causing accelerated ageing.

Turmeric has a non-steroidal-anti-inflammatory-like action that interrupts (in three distinct ways) the Arachidonic Acid inflammatory cycle (which is triggered by red meat consumption among other things) :

See video by K.P. Khalsa

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